Meet the Happy Dingos Family

Happy Dingos was founded by husband and wife team, Alfonso and Nataya, who started the business after their fur baby, Dobby, was diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy. After countless vet visits, bills, and pills, they made it a mission to find alternative ways to prolong the periods in between seizures and improve his overall health. This took them down a rabbit hole where they learned how making slight adjustments to his diet could yield impactful results. From this stressful experience of trying to get his health in order, they made it their goal to create a pet wellness company that makes taking care of your pet’s health, a happy experience.

All of our products are packed with premium active ingredients designed to address different dog health conditions and can be given as a fun and delicious treat.

Their goal is to provide a line of drool-worthy supplements and treats that are packed with nutritious and functional ingredients so that all dogs may live healthier and happier lives!